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    His dream is to live and travel freely by picking the best bits of both Northern and Southern hemispheres. What is your dream? Yoshi would love to hear and be inspired by you.


    To inspire people around the world through discoveries of the unknown that are core to Japan. If you would like to share or learn more, please drop Yoshi a line.


    Yoshi shares his thoughts on start-ups, entrepreneurship and business management, lifestyle, travel and food. Please check out his blog and share your thoughts.

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Let people discover the unknown in Japan through cross-cultural marketing.

Originally from Ashiya, Japan, Yoshi was born and raised in Japan, worked in the US and ended up falling in love with Australia.

Yoshi holds an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales in 2011. He also holds a Masters Degree of Digital Media Management from Hyper Island Singapore in 2018.

Starting his career at advertising agency Leo Burnett Tokyo office (Beacon Communications) in 2001, he then continued on to Leo Burnett global head office in Chicago in 2006. With over 18 years of international marketing experience for global blue chip brands, Yoshi specialises in building enduring brands and the commercialisation of products into new markets. In 2009, he founded cross-cultural marketing agency doq® in Sydney.
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Experiences are real. It makes us human. And there is no textbook substitute for having gone through something yourself. I have always learned and grown the most from real life experiences.

Yoshi seeks opportunities to share his real experiences with people. He has been sharing through keynote talks on topics such as global human resource management, entrepreneurship and cross-culture marketing.

Examples of some of Yoshi’s talk experiences:

“TEDxTitech” Tokyo, Nov 2014

“Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee” Sydney, May 2016

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Imagine what we could do if we could build a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, and create something new.

From start-ups to government institutions, Yoshi provides expertise in building strategic marketing plans through to implementation for brands, products and services from Japan to the global market. He also provides the same services for non-Japanese organisations as well as joint ventures to enter or develop growth in the Japanese market.


Some examples of media that Yoshi has been featured in.


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